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All cases in which the privacy of Carini Trust Company may be useful

Formation of a company and other capital transactions
With our support, you may start your business anonymously and change the percentages held over time without anything becoming evident to the outside. In addition, notwithstanding trust registration, you may transfer the right to other persons by extinguishing the first mandate and setting up a new autonomous trust with the transferee of the shares or units. Otherwise, by setting up a new trust, you may transfer some of your units/shares to another settlor.
All this has the benefit of not having to involve a notary or a bank: whether for shares or units, transfers are done inside our company.
At the same time, a capital increase subscribed by us may redefine the share structure within the company without making it obvious to the outside. With similar capital transactions we make it possible to have an orderly and non-traumatic transfer from one generation to the next or from one group to another or between members of the same group. Also possible is a gradual distribution of wealth and interests of growing family nuclei.

Opening of current accounts and deposits of securities;
The opening of current accounts and the relevant deposit of securities in our name permit administration of fortunes, with the benefit of not ever appearing directly. It suffices that you provide us with the essential written instructions from time to time to carry out your orders.
As long as the conditions are met, you have the chance to pick the investment management system. Therefore, besides retaining anonymity, you may be taxed definitively on the capital gains and on the dividends earned, without being forced to declare them on your personal income tax return.

Management Trust Mandate
You may give us a mandate to vest a qualified intermediary, such as a securities investment firm or a management trust with an asset management mandate.
You shall retain your anonymity and not be forced to declare anything on your personal tax return.

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