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Formation and Management of Voting Trusts
Voting trusts
Management of voting trusts binds shareholders in the voting trust to:
Not sell their shares for a certain length of time;
Sell their shares only at certain conditions;
Not pledge the same shares.

Representation of Shareholders and Bondholders
We assume representation of shareholders even of saving shares and bondholders. In addition, we accept assignments for: lodging shares and bonds for general meeting purposes; paying dividends and interests; reimbursing bonds on behalf of issuers.
We give you the chance to lodge tradable securities, when necessary for executing specific assignments you have received in connection with a mandate or to fulfil cash dispenser duties for payment of interests and/or for deposits for the purpose of participating in general meetings, or awaiting withdrawal of securities registered to our company and endorsed to the settlor for re-registration.

Participation in General Meetings
Through trust registration a representative of our company may take part in general meetings on your behalf, to guarantee the uniformity of address and vote (or even just for not being forced to participate). Alternatively our company may issue a power of attorney to a third party indicated by you to participate in the general meeting.

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