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We offer a full range of services to completely satisfy our customers’ many changing requirements. We consistently keep in mind individual necessities and give tailor-made advice. Through trust registration we realise an interposition of name, thanks to which the fortune entrusted to our company remains solely your property, but to the outside it appears to be registered to us.

Everything is done with honesty and privacy. We handle each transaction with the rigour and care essential to ensure anonymity:
In equity investment of corporations;
In the management of current accounts and deposits of securities;;
In business initiatives;
In negotiations for acquisition or sale of a business.

Any action is done according to your written instructions with the option of re-registering assets at any time.

For information
The assets which may be the subject of a trust contract are:

Equity investments in a corporation such as;
> Stocks of public companies
> Stocks of partnerships limited by shares
> Units of limited liability companies
> Securities of limited liability cooperatives
Financing and non-interest-bearing loans connected to equity investments in companies:
Public and private, convertible and non-convertible bonds
Bearer and nominative savings account passbooks;
Certificates of credit and certificates of deposit;
Bankers’ acceptances;
Current accounts and security deposits;
Tradable securities of any destination/use.
The following cannot be subject to a trust registration:

Units of partnerships